Monday, March 5, 2012

Walden Ponds Trip

So I made my first birding trip of March, and I went to my favorite Colorado birding location, Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat in Boulder, CO.  Even though it was fairly windy, and the boardwalk was closed for construction, I had a blast.  I went to chase down the Tundra Swan that had been hanging out there for the last couple weeks, as well as to enjoy the waterfowl that congregate there.  I met my dad and we birded for a while together before he headed off to work.

A look west over Cottonwood Marsh at Walden Ponds.

The Tundra Swan.

Some Ring-necked Ducks. There were numerous individuals.

An American Coot. A fun little bird to watch.

A pair of Redheads flying away, beautiful duck.

Part of the big float that was across the lake.  There were around 1,000 ducks on the lake.

An American Wigeon and Canvasback.

Close up of a Ring-necked Duck.

Close up Canvasback.

Close up Coot.

The Canvasback.

I added two birds to my year list, Tundra Swan and Canvasback, bringing me up to 62 birds on the year.  I added seven birds to my month list at Walden Ponds, as well as Cackling Goose later on, bringing me up to 31 birds on the month.  I can't wait to get back out to Walden Ponds, hopefully on a less windy day and hopefully on a day when the boardwalk is finally finished!

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