Friday, April 19, 2013

Nesting Cooper's Hawks at my Parents

A couple years ago, a pair of Cooper's Hawks nested in my parents town home complex. Well, they are back this year.

Some American Goldfinches making use of the thistle seed socks. Hopefully they don't become lunch themselves.

It is not that easy taking pictures of these magnificent hawks, but thanks to the location they've decided to nest at, maybe I will be able to get some good pictures of these birds. Will keep you all up to date on how the nesting goes!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Upcoming Birding Adventures

Hello readers!

I apologize for not having posted lately, I have not been out to bird since Walden Ponds and life has been busy.  But that is not to say I wont be getting back out there soon or that I haven't seen any good birds lately!  Saw my first Swainson's Hawk of the season on Tuesday morning up in Superior, a happy sight for me.  Snowy Egret two days ago and Double-crested Cormorant have also been highlights of my month so far.  Hopefully soon I will be able to get back out into the field.  I am looking forward to next month, as I have a possible Pawnee National Grasslands Big Birding Weekend with my dad planned.  I have been desiring to bird the Grasslands for many a year now and can't wait to get out there. There will also be more bird walks we will lead at Two Ponds NWR, and I will post times and info here as I get it.  Even though it is in September, I am very excited for this years Barr Lake Bird Fest, as it is always a highlight of my year and very, very fun day of birding.
Hope you all are having great birding trips and seeing good birds as well! Spring is here and migration under way so keep your eyes peeled for vagrants as well as our common birds!