Saturday, October 20, 2012


This is a poem I wrote last year, lost, and then recently found again.  It is entitled Albatross. Hope you enjoy!

A feather afloat
Just one of but many
On a creature a-soar
Over waters so plenty
A landscape of blue
Fills up every sight
Both above and below
With occasional white
Skimming the waves
On age-wisened wings
With scarcely a flap
Thanks to day's thermal rings
For this age old bird
Days float by slow
For the Albatross rules
These oceans of old

-Daniel McAdams-

Friday, October 12, 2012

Seasons are Changing

Fall is now here in full force. The leaves are changing and falling, the air is cool and crisp and snow has revealed it's white face.  The birds are moving south and the birds of northern states and Canada are now arriving in our state.
Unfortunately, I have been too busy to be able to get out into the field and bird, but I have been enjoying the birds I see as I go about my daily activities. A Cooper's Hawk was harassing a "ball" of starlings the other day, and this marks the 9th month that I have seen this Accipiter.  The murmuration of starlings avoided the Coop from what I could see.  A White-breasted Nuthatch graced me with it's presence at my parents house, and the Dark-eyed Juncos have returned to their yard as well.
That is the catching up of my birding adventures so far this month, and I am hoping to get out into the field to bird again sometime soon!
Happy birding everyone and happy fall!