Friday, March 16, 2012


March madness...not having enough time to go out to bird.  So far I've gotten to Walden Ponds for a wonderful hour long excursion, as well as some short stops at a couple of ponds near my work on Wednesday before my shift started.  Those stops included a Song Sparrow, bringing my month list up to 39.  A Butterballs(the old name for my favorite of ducks, the Bufflehead) was still around, with a lone female to be seen that day.  A pair of Common Mergansers were hanging out on one of the ponds as well.  Two pairs of Common Goldenye were still hanging around as well.  Redhead, American Coot and American Wigeon were abundant, as I saw about 50 individuals of Redhead and about 20-30 each of Coot and Wigeon.

The weather is warming up here along the Front Range, and I am still looking to beat my dad to seeing the first Killdeer, swallow and Turkey Vulture of the season.  What birds do you look for as a sign that spring is here?

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