Saturday, March 31, 2012

Broomfield Open Space Bird Walk

Had a great day of birding today! My dad and I went to the Broomfield Open Space event at the Broomfield Community Center.  We attended the morning bird walk and had a great time.  Best birds were some Bufflehead(doing mating displays), a pair of molting Canvasback, some Lesser Scaup(my 60th month bird) and a pair of American Avocet.  We also saw a Double-crested Cormorant before the walk and I saw a pair of Sharp-shinned Hawks.  After the walk we chatted with many of the vendors who were present at the event, and hopefully we will be able to lead some bird walks for those that were interested!
Here are some pics from the bird walk:
Looking out at the lake.

One of numerous Red-winged Blackbirds establishing their territories around the lake.

The bird walk group.

Part of the float that was on the lake.  Ring-necked Ducks dominated the lake.

A pair of Buffleheads.

One of a few American Coots hanging out on the lake.

A female Mallard that came over to check us out.

On a side note, I finished this month with 62 bird species and have 74 species on the year so far.

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