Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year in Review

2012 has been a great year for me.  For starters, I started this blog in February and have had a wonderful time blogging my adventures for you all! As of this writing, this blog has accumulated 917 views(not including my own)!  My year list ended at 234 species, well exceeding my goal of 200 birds on the year.  This included 14 life birds, my 300th life bird(a Glossy Ibis at Stearn's Lake) and my 250th state bird(Bronzed Cowbird at Chatfield State Park on the December 15th Christmas Bird Count).  I also had the opportunity to lead five bird walks at Two Ponds NWR, and I would like to thank Joyce Persson for giving my dad and I this wonderful opportunity and we look forward to leading many more bird walks at Two Ponds in 2013!  This year also included an almost 100 bird big day, with the second day of my dad's and my Big Birding Weekend ending with 98 birds seen, and the weekend itself accumulating 114 species including a Golden-winged Warbler at Red Lion SWA.  This years Barr Lake Bird Festival was great fun as it always is.  Getting a chance to bird out in California again was very exciting, and I was finally able to track down my life Elegant Tern at Channel Islands Harbor.  The Great Backyard Bird Count at Two Ponds NWR in February and the two Christmas Bird Counts this year were great fun and provided a chance to bird with some excellent local birders!  These are just a few of the many great birding adventures I had this year. I look forward to the birding adventures that next year will bring, and look forward to keeping this blog flowing with posts and photos! Have a Happy New Year everyone and see you all next year!

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