Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mid May Madness

Good day of birding yesterday.  Went on a walk along the north end of Standly Lake with my family yesterday. Added Yellow Warbler to my year list and got Western Grebe, Bald Eagle and Song Sparrow for my month.  So far I'm at 103 on the year and 63 on the month.
A singing Common Grackle.  

Nesting European Starling.  The other nesting box I found was being used by American Robins.

American Robin in flight. I took this with my new Canon Rebel t3 and cropped the picture in Picasa.

The Bald Eagles. I attempted this digiscope shot through the scope at the visitor's center.  They nest about a half mile away.

This weekend, though, is going to be one of the best birding experiences of my life(so far).  Going up to Northeastern Colorado with my dad for two days of serious birding.  Going to hit up Tamarack Ranch SWA, Jumbo Reservoir SWA, Red Lion SWA among other locations for 48 hours of hardcore birding.  I'm very excited as there are good chances for eastern birds such as Eastern Bluebird, Red-bellied Woodpecker, eastern warblers, Eastern Towhee as well as Bobolink, Dickcissel and other plains birds as well.  

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