Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's May the 1st! The month many birders dream about all the other 11 months of the year. The month when Big Days are held, birding trips fill all the free days on the calendar, and the birds are migrating in force.  I'm excited!

Last month: Although I only got out for two birding trips, I finished the month with 58 species including my 300th life bird! Glossy Ibis at Stearn's Lake was definitely the highlight of my month and a BIG highlight of my year so far!  My year list stands at 92 species, as I added both Violet-green Swallow and Cliff Swallow to that list yesterday.  The bird walk at Two Ponds NWR was amazing! Just as much fun as the first one was! I cannot wait to lead some more!

This month: Big birding weekend planned for the prime of migration! Spending two days doing some hardcore birding up in NE Colorado to bird around Tamarack Ranch SWA, Jumbo Res, Red Lion SWA and more.  That should be a very fun trip.  Going to do a Big Day on that trip to, trying to beat a previous best of 104. I'm also going to be getting a new camera this month with super-zoom capabilities so that I can take better quality bird photos.  Otherwise, I'm shooting for 100 birds this month and as many birding expeditions as I can fit into my schedule!

Happy May y'all!

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