Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lists, lists and more lists

We birders like to keep lists, and I am no exception.  I keep multiple lists myself, including but not limited to:
My all important Life List(ABA area)
My World List(species I've seen outside the ABA area)
A Yard List
A State List
as well as month lists, year lists, birding trip lists and vacation lists.

My Life List currently stands at 299 species.

I just found the bird list that my dad kept from our 2010 Hawaii trip and now I was finally able to create my World List! With 27 new species that I saw on the trip, my world list stands at 326.  My 300th World Bird was the Common Waxbill.  We saw a flock of 30+ on Oahu.  Other excellent birds we saw included: White Tern, Hawaiian Coot, Red-tailed Tropicbird(one of my all time favorite birds!), Hawaiian Stilt, a very uncommon if not rare Christmas Shearwater and Melodious Laughingthrush.  We were able to bird both the islands of Oahu and Maui.  Unfortunately, as I was not big into bird photography at the time, I do not have any pictures to post from the trip.  I do however have great memories.

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