Thursday, May 16, 2013

Before the Big Weekend

In less than 24 hours, my dad and I will be embarking on our second Big Birding Weekend.  What is the Big Birding Weekend?  Our Big Birding Weekend is when we put two days aside and bird hardcore from sunup to sundown.  Our goal is to first off, enjoy all the birds we see and have a great weekend and two, find as many birds as we can.  We also shoot for Big Days on both days.  Last year we saw a total of 114 species over two days of birding in north eastern Colorado.  We saw 78 species the first day and 98 the second day.  This year, our target locations are more widespread.  Our first day locations are Crow Valley Campground and Pawnee National Grasslands.  Day two we are headed south to Chatfield State Park and Waterton Canyon Recreation Area.  We have had a lot of luck any some great days of birding at Chatfield and Waterton before, including a 97 bird Big Day.
I now look at the time...3:30 12 hours I will be off and running for another weekend of intense, but very much fun, birding.

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