Saturday, April 14, 2012

Two Ponds Hummingbird Day Bird Walk

The much anticipated(at least for me!) bird walk at Two Ponds NWR was excellent! We had a turn out of around 30 people and spent an hour birding the refuge.  Once again I took my group along the Loop 2 trail and my dad the Loop 1.  It was a beautiful day for birding.  The weather was nice, in the 40's, the sun was out and there was no wind.  We had a wonderful time viewing birds and were able to get some nice close-up views of a Say's Phoebe and a pair of American Kestrels.  We were also treated to the sight of a group of three Blue Jays harassing a Cooper's Hawk in a tree.  In the end, the Jays gave up their harassment and left the Cooper's Hawk in peace, at least until a Black-billed Magpie chased it off a few minutes later.  Gotta love Corvids.  Red-winged Blackbirds were out en force, filling the air with their "honk-a-ree" call and many other sounds they make.  My dad's group was able to spot a White Crowned Sparrow, a good bird to see at the refuge.  In total, 28 bird species were seen or heard at the refuge.  A few people were able to see some Bushtits that have been at the refuge.  My dad and I were also able to see a male Wood Duck when we first got to the refuge, but he flew off before the walk started.

A squirrel to greet us.

Apple blossoms were everywhere! 

The refuge in the morning.

The male Wood Duck.  

Closer shot.

A Great Blue Heron.  There were two that were perched in the top of two trees.  Always a strange sight.

The Say's Phoebe.  We were able to get wonderful close-up views and listen to it calling.

Lower right hand corner. Off to get a bug!

The Say's Phoebe on the left, and Red-winged Blackbird on the right.

Most of our group that went on the bird walk.  Thank you all for coming and making this a great time!

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